Bain Prevention Shampoo      

Shampoo for prevention of hair loss

₹ 2450 | 250ML

A frequent use shampoo designed as a preventive solution to hair loss. Its unique Systeme Pro-Actif technology helps optimize micro-circulation to reduce hair loss while texturising the fibre for an immediate volumising effect.

  • Système Pro-Actif: A combination of three active agents:
  1. An anti-bacterial agent to suppress inflammation
  2. A soothing agent to calm, sooth and regenerate the scalp
  3. A regulating agent that stimulates microcirculation

  • Normalises scalp imbalances
  • Preventive solution to hair loss
  • Activates micro-circulation
  • Texturizes the fiber Immediate volume effect
  • Thickens the hair fiber
  • Silicone free