1) What comes in my box?
Floor cleaner, Toilet cleaner, Dishwashing liquid, laundry liquid & scrubber.

2) How are the bottles eco-friendly when they are made of plastic?
We’ve designed the bottles for reuse. You see, we went through a lot of research looking for sustainable packaging options. We discovered that alternatives like metal and glass have a higher carbon footprint if you take into account processes like mining, production and transportation. Bioplastic too, as trendy as it may sound, is yet to undergo more research to be established as an eco-friendly alternative. Which is why we encourage you to reuse the bottles as much as you can. Every subsequent month after the first purchase, we ship out refill pouches reducing your plastic footprint on the planet. We also run a take-back program for our packaging.

3) What ingredients do your products contain?
Our cleaners for Laundry and Dishwashing contain enzymes in addition to plant-based surfactants. These enzymes are lab-processed. Floor and Toilet Cleaners contain active microbes that create enzymes while performing the cleaning action.

4) Will this product be as effective as the chemical cleaners in the market?
t&g products works better, while keeping toxic fumes at bay. You shouldn’t have to compromise on clean for green.

5) Can you buy one of the products or more?
Yes , you can buy any product of your choice - Dishwashing liquid, Floor cleaner, Laundry cleaner, Toilet cleaner

6) Why don't we have strong lingering fragrance in our product?
It is free of all synthetic fragrances that emit volatile compounds that pollute indoor air and ham the respiratory system. Our products neutralise the source of bad odour.

7) Do you have any kind of certification?
All our products are WHO GMP certified.

8) Does t&g kill corona virus?
Our products are anti-corona tested

1. How can I track my order?
Thank you for a great response during the sale. Orders will be dispatched within 5 days. Order updates will be sent to you on regular basis through SMS & Email. You can also track your order here - XXXX post order dispatch.

2. What is your return policy?
• Raise a return/replacement request within 7 days from the date of delivery. In case of damaged/missing product, raise a return/replacement within 2 days from the date of delivery. • t&g will take 2 working days to review your return request. • After the product is received, t&g will verify it against the claim and initiate the replacement or refund accordingly. Please note that replacement would depend upon the stock availability.

3. Under what conditions can I return/ replace my product?
• Wrong product delivered • Expired product delivered • Damaged product delivered – physical damage/ tampered product or packaging • Incomplete order – missing products

4. Under what conditions return/ replacement request will not be accepted?
• Opened/used/altered products • Original packaging (mono cartons, labels, etc.) missing • The return/replacement request is generated after 7 days from the date of delivery • The damaged/missing product is reported after 2 days from the date of delivery

5. What are the various Payment options available?
We have multiple payment options for you to make payment of your order. To get an instant 5% OFF and fast delivery, we insist you choose a prepaid payment option. Below is the list of all payment options available for you - • Credit/Debit Cards - We accept all Indian Credit and Debit Cards. • UPI • Net Banking • Wallets - Amazon Pay, Phone Pay, Freecharge, etc. • COD • PayPal *Prepaid payments are 100% secure and safe.

6. How Can I Change My Address?
We can't do any modifications once order is successfully placed.